Los Angeles, Dallas, & Destination Wedding Photographer


I'm a natural light, fine art photographer residing part time between Los Angeles and Dallas. I began my photographic journey as a fashion photographer. I still love the meticulous attention to detail it takes to create beautiful images, and seek to incorporate that in all my work. Life is beautiful, so why not?

I’m a little quirky, a little eccentric, a sucker for all things vintage and bohemian… and I love what I do. My goal is to help you create beautiful images by being your friend, as well as your photographer. To listen to your needs, learn what you’re passionate about, take interest in your personal story, make you feel beautiful, and manifest that into images that will serve as tangible memories for a lifetime.

I’ve carefully structured my business model in a way that allows me to give each wedding the personal attention it deserves. There are so many aspects of the planning process that can be stressful. I want this to be one thing you can check off your list and never have to worry about again.

I love people. I love that your life, in the end, is a collection of poignant moments showcasing the hands you’ve held, the faces you’ve loved, and the smiles you’ve shared. In the end, it’s the highlights you remember.

There is nothing more important in this life than the love we share. I have been afforded the luxury of a job that allows me to capture great joy in the lives of others. To feel rewarded and appreciated. A job where I get to go to work and DANCE! It far exceeds any expectation I could have ever had, and I am infinitely blessed beyond all measure to be a part of it.

I love an adventure. While myself, my camera, and my passport reside here in the U.S.… we are all more than happy to travel wherever the wind might take us. The farther away your destination, the more of an adventure it will be!